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Our projects are different from each other, functional and especially E-Commerce. Design and custom integrations characterise our work in order to satisfy your desires in a concrete and effective way. 


From the E-Commerce development to the custom software creation. The Garmont project is formed by both a B2B and a B2C online sales channel within the footwear industry. We created the website and customisations corresponding to the necessities of the company. The user experience always is the centre of the project.

#Web_development #Custom_software

From the web development to the store management, from the customer care to the creation of UX/UI design. The project Postalmarket is a B2B and B2C E-Commerce website spacing from clothing, footwear and food. We customised this sales channel on the bases of the needs of the company and of the end customer.

#UX/UI_design #Web_development #Store_management

From the web development to the realisation of a UX/UI design, to the creation of a custom software. This way, XanitaliaPro comes to life. It is a B2B E-Commerce in the beauty, aesthetic and wellness industry. For us, it is fundamental to individuate the most suitable customisations.

#UX/UI_design #Web_development #Custom_software

The customised shopping cart is the focus of Eco-To-Go. Besides, we realised a customised table aimed at prices and an HubSpot integration. Its clean and simple design reflects the green style of the company. We connected this E-Commerce to its management system to keep quantities and prices updated.

UX/UI_design #Custom_software #Store_management

New design and development for this B2B E-Commerce. Also, we connected Cube Ivrea to its management software aimed at the bicycle industry to appropriately manage products, prices and categories. The product data sheet was arranged in a structured way to report the detailed specifications of a technical product.

#UX/UI_design #Web_development

Storeden represents a new beginning for Orizo. A catalogue switching to a B2B E-Commerce. We recreated its design and theme to highlight its mountain and hunting boots industry. It is now connected to its management software to organise products and quantities, beyond the availability of contents in other European languages.

#UX/UI_design #Web_development

This is both a B2B and B2C website dedicated to hobby modelling. Brand-ne web development and UX/UI design for the B2C section. We integrated Steel Models through the software management connection, a clean product listing and the availability status (more than 23.000 products on sale) and customised shopping cart.

#UX/UI_design #Web_development

This is a famous label belonging to the fashion industry specialised in bag manufacturing. Web development and text-based contents built the C’N’C website, beyond other customisations such as the optimisation of the sales process. Design, development and integrations turned the website into an all-round E-Commerce.

#UX/UI_design #Web_development

B2B E-Commerce concerned with the dog care industry. UX/UI design and web development for the creation of an efficient, stocked and contemporary. Peculiar style and attention to detail are the main bases of Wawpet. Integrations customised and adapted the E-Commerce in this specific sector. The products on sale are technical, comfortable and specialised.

#UX/UI_design #Web_development